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Acupuncture is part of a 3,000 year-old healing system from China that treats a wide range of health problems. Early Chinese physicians mapped out an energy network of pathways or meridians in the body.  Extremely fine needles are placed at specific points along the meridians of the body to open energy blockages and stimulate the body’s Vital Life Force or “chi”.

There are twelve regular meridians that correspond with the organ systems and functions of the body. When the flow of energy through the meridians is smooth and unblocked, we experience good health and a sense of well-being. When the energy flow is blocked or unbalanced, we experience illness, fatigue, pain, depression or emotional distress.

It is not unusual for a patient to come in for the treatment of one condition and begin to experience improvement in other areas - better sleep, smoother digestion, more energy, increased ability to cope with stress, etc. Acupuncture is known to boost the immune system and promote health and well-being.

Acupuncture needles are single-use, pre-sterilized and disposable, and are very tiny, unlike the larger hollow needles used for injections and blood draws. Acupuncture is most effective when practiced with other forms of western and eastern medicine such as chiropractic, massage therapy, herbs and homeopathy.





*acute or chronic pain

*nerve pain

*muscle strains & sprains

*neck pain


*shoulder, elbow or wrist pain

*sport injuries

*repetitive use injuries

*chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia

*digestive problems

*asthma & allergies

*hypertension/blood pressure problems


*pms & menopausal problems

*stop smoking

*stress relief



*side effects of chemo & radiation

*compromised immune system

               ... and many other problems as well!  Please call 360-202-5600 if you have questions regarding a specific condition.


WHAT CAN I EXPECT AT MY FIRST VISIT? Your first visit will last 60 to 90 minutes and follow up visits usually last 45 to 60 minutes. A medical history will be taken prior to the first treatment and a short intake will be done at follow up visits. Please eat something prior to your treatment. Also turn off your cell phone and remove your jewelry and watch. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to push up your pant legs and sleeves to your knees and elbows.

Depending on the condition being treated, most of the acupuncture points used are from the knee to the foot and elbow to the hand. The needle technique is very gentle and people often experience deep relaxation or fall asleep during the session, which is a very positive sign that the energy is moving on a deep level. The insertion of needles is usually painless, however, some points may be more reactive than others. You may feel warmth or tingling at some points or a brief sensation of “chi” (energy) moving. These are normal sensations that occur as energy is activated and moves through the meridians of the body.  


MANY THANKS to the Community Acupuncture movement, POCA Co-op, (, and NADA, the inspiration for Community Acupuncture, ( 


Karen Boyd, LAc, Dipl Ac, has practiced acupuncture since 1989. She can be reached at 360-202-5600.